To Protect and Serve by Clarke C. Riedy

Procured in 2009

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“To Protect and Serve” is a visual illustration of a Police Officer’s willingness to put himself in harm’s way to protect the defenseless. The officer depicted in the sculpture positions his body between the child and an unknown danger that lies ahead. Artist Clark C. Riedy designed this sculpture with this particular location in mind. He was conscious that in creating a public piece of art, the thematic nature of the piece must be easily recognizable to all. Without hesitation, we as viewers can recognize the act of shielding a child from danger, and the courage in that act, upon seeing this artwork. Notice how the officer’s body is positioned, striding forward while protecting the child with one hand. Notice also how the child’s body is positioned in a similar fashion, protecting his toy from harm. This correlation serves as a further illustration of the child’s innocence and reminds us of how deserving he is of being protected.