Sharing the Land by Tom White 

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The creation and installation of "Sharing the Land" was made possible through the generous donation from the Jenkins Family. This sculpture was installed on December 11, 2021, but the sculpture is awaiting its final component- a trickling waterhole. The water feature will be completed by mid-spring 2022.

Statement from the artist:

“I love the magnificent beauty of the land here out west.  I came up with the idea of the animals sharing the land with us and with other animals based on what I have experienced out roaming the territory – hiking, hunting and enjoying the great Arizona outdoors.  I always see animals sharing the waterholes near us on game cameras I or my buddies set up.  We will see mountain lions, bears, deer, elk and antelope.  Nothing changes throughout time – we always share the land and water with animals and with the people wherever we live.  I wanted to portray that in this scene “Sharing the Land” by showing the camaraderie at a watering hole.  The animals are not threatening each other, but respecting each other for the sake of life!”

-Tom White