Dance of Whimsey by Rick Hartner

Procured in 2008

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“Dance of Whimsey” is a celebration of the act of creating art. Artist Rick Hartner creates art that exudes a personal touch and brings a smile to the viewer’s face. “Dance of Whimsey” falls into a long tradition of abstract sculpture, likely beginning with Pablo Picasso in the early 1900s. 

Pablo Picasso was a vital early pioneer in the realm of abstract sculpture. Around 1912, Picasso began making collages, which due to their layered surface and use of found materials and objects in lieu of paint already had a sort of three-dimensional quality. Then he translated the idea of collage into full three-dimensional space by assembling actual objects, especially guitars, out of materials like cardboard, wood, metal and wire, and thus, birthed the genre of art which we now know as Abstract sculpture.