Sun Fish and Friends by Kim Anne Welsh

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Installed in 2009, Sun Fish and Friends was purchased as part of our permanent collection in 2015 and is currently located near the front entrance of the Prescott Valley Public Library.

The sunfish is a glass mosaic shell over a wire mesh form. Kim Anne created an environment for the Sun Fish in 2015 to complete the installation that includes a dragonfly, snail, lily pads and other elements of a pond.

The snail has a broken heart on its front. There is an unrequited “love triangle”; the Snail is in love with the Sun Fish, but the Sun Fish is enamored with the Dragonfly. Neither of them can live in the other's environment.

"Without art, the world would be bleak and dismal. I just want to be part of making this world a beautiful place to live." – Kim Anne Welsh