Bike Rodeo

Funded by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, the Prescott Valley Police Department hosts a couple of Bike Rodeos a year, giving the community a chance to learn about bike and pedestrian safety. At the event, the officers and police staff had out informational material including coloring books, pamphlets, bookmarks, and much more that explain how to be cautious while on the roadways or sidewalks. The officers also fit kids to the correct size helmet they need, if the child does not have a helmet. The officers also inspect the child's bike. During the rodeo the event has an obstacle course that is available to kids to ride their bikes through with stop signs, crosswalks, and other roadway signs that they may encounter. Our biggest promotion is the lesson of safety, we want the kids of our community to be safe at all time while they are near the roadways.

Police officer on bike and young kids on bikes behind him
Young child riding a bike
Four officers on bikes