Water Systems and Information

Water Treatment Plant pipes

The Prescott Valley Water System (PVWS) provides water to the entire Prescott Valley service area

PVWS handles requests for new service, customer inquiries and processes customer payments.

  1. Reclaimed Water System

Stoneridge Golf Course

The Reclaimed Water System takes treated effluent from the Town's wastewater treatment plant and transports it for use in other areas. For example, the water in the ponds located in Mountain Valley Park is treated effluent.

This water is also used to irrigate the Stoneridge Golf Course that requires approximately 1 million gallons of water a day, thus preserving our groundwater for drinking purposes.

  1. Water Pressure
  1. Water Quality
  1. Wastewater

Jacobs Logo Opens in new windowWater Treatment Plant employees talking to each other

The Town of Prescott Valley contracts with JACOBS to provide all operations and maintenance of the Town’s water systems and wastewater systems. Jacobs is an international engineering and service company that has been providing this service to the Town since 1993. When you make a service request or when there are water main breaks or other emergencies, you will see Jacobs personnel taking care of those issues.

To learn more about the Jacobs who serves the citizens of our Town, please visit their website.

For emergencies, please call Jacobs directly at 928-759-9062.

If you have additional questions about water, please call 928-759-3070 or email utilities@prescottvalley-az.gov