Water Resource Management Strategy

Prescott Valley is a thriving community with citizens, elected officials and Town leadership who understand the critical importance of water management.

Facing both growing population demands and the need to preserve precious water resources, Prescott Valley is taking proactive steps to address water challenges from every angle. From stormwater management to conservation initiatives, we are committed to ensuring a sustainable water future for our residents and the broader environment.

Plans, Studies, & Strategies

Strategy Plans, Studies, & Strategies pie chart section
PV Water Resource Strategy Partnerships pie chart section


  • Water Sales Policy
  • Effluent Use Policy
  • Water for Commercial/ Industrial Use Policy 
  • Sewer Service w/o Annexation Policy 
  • Permanent Recharge vs Commercial/Residential Use
  • Commercial/Residential Design Standards
  • Designation/Dedication of Open Space & Conservation Lands (land use)
  • Low Impact Development Principles
PV Water Resource Strategy Policies pie chart section
PV Water Resource Strategy Projects pie chart section


  • Agua Fria River Recharge Changes
  • Addition of Injection Wells
  • Treatment for Arsenic and Emerging Contaminants (PFAS, others)
  • Water Infrastructure Finance Authority Funding
  • Treatment Plant Upgrades
  • Importation/Water Security