Exhibitor/Vendor Information & Guidelines

2024 Prescott Valley Public Library's Fandomania Exhibitor/ Vendor Interest Form

  1. Thank you for considering participating as an exhibitor at the Prescott Valley Public Library’s Fandomania event which takes place on Saturday, September 7, 2024, from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. The fee for a vendor table is $25. This event is free and open to the public.

    The event will be held at the Findlay Events Center. 

    The events center will provide a table approximately 3’ x 8' and 2 chairs. 

    Event Description & Theme:
    Fandomania is an annual event that celebrates comics, fantasy, sci-fi, and a love for pop culture. This event brings together local authors, merchants, panel discussions, cosplay contests, and more! 

    Before you apply, please consult our vendor selection criteria & guidelines: Fandomania Exhibitor Information and Guidelines.

    The deadline to submit Exhibitor Interest Forms is June 7, 2024. Accepted Vendors will be contacted by July 7th, 2024.

    Please feel free to contact Deborah Pfingston @ dpfingston@prescottvalley-az.gov to discuss any ideas or suggestions that best meet the goals of your company.  We look forward to your support for this event.

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Fandomania is an annual event that celebrates comics, fantasy, sci-fi, and a love for pop culture. This event brings together local authors, merchants, costume contests, and more!

Are you interested in becoming a vendor? Please fill out the Interest Form. The event is full for 2024. 

  • The event will be held at Findlay Events Center in Prescott Valley
  • The events center will provide a table approximately 3’ x 8' and 2 chairs. 


All Vendors

Each year the Prescott Valley Public Library’s Fandomania seeks authors, illustrators, booksellers, organizations, associations, merchants, and cosplayers to participate in the fun.

The selection process is competitive as Fandomania is limited by space and scheduling constraints. Please note the Prescott Valley Public Library reserves the right to refuse submissions at our discretion, including exhibitors and vendors that do not fit the event theme or suit the intended audience.


 *Please note that meeting these criteria does not guarantee an invitation to participate in the festival.

  • Bound, printed copies are available for sale at the event.
  • A functional author website exists.
  • Preference is given to authors: 
    • with works edited by a professional editor.
    • with professional reviews of their work.

Other Presenters*

 *Please note that meeting these criteria does not guarantee an invitation to participate in the festival 

  • A good fit with the overall theme of the event 
  • Ability to attract and sustain an audience. 
  • Proposal creativity & innovation
  • Appearance at other festivals 

Applicants whose proposals were accepted at last year’s festival will be eligible to apply again. 


Each vendor selling merchandise will be responsible for processing their own sales and for following all state and local policies regarding collecting and remitting sales tax. We recommend that vendors selling onsite obtain a PayPal or Square reader to be able to process debit/credit card payments. 

State of Arizona Tax License information https://www.aztaxes.gov/Home/Page



Vendors who are confirmed to attend the event must agree to the following terms and conditions: 

Assumption of Risks
Exhibitors expressly assume all risks associated with, resulting from, or arising in connection with Exhibitor’s participation or presence at the event, including, without limitation, all risks of theft, loss, or damage to property. Please do not leave your booth unattended.

Assignment of Space
Exhibit space shall be assigned by Prescott Valley Public Library (PVPL) in its sole discretion for the event. Any such assignment does not imply that a similar space will be assigned for future events held by the Organizer. PVPL reserves the right to change the floor plan or to move an exhibitor to another booth location before or during the event if PVPL in its sole discretion determines that to do so is in the best interest of the Event.

Cancellation by Exhibitor
If the exhibitors cancel exhibit space after the submission deadline or if the exhibitor fails to show up at the Event, the exhibitor may not be invited back for future events. 

 Exhibit Space Occupancy
Hours and dates for installing, occupying, and dismantling exhibits shall be expressly specified by PVPL. If the exhibitor or vendor fails to install its display in its assigned space by 30 minutes before the Event opens or leaves its space unattended during the Exhibit hours, PVPL shall have the right to take possession of the space. All exhibits must be open for business during the Event hours. Exhibitors or vendors may not dismantle the display until the Event is officially closed by PVPL. Exhibitors may not assign their display space to third parties without prior approval from the Organizer. 

Taxes Licenses
Exhibitors shall obtain any tax licenses under state or local law applicable to their activities at the Event at their sole expense.

Copyrighted Materials
Exhibitors shall not play or permit the playing or performance of, or distribution of any copyrighted materials at the Event unless it has obtained all necessary rights and paid all required royalties, fees, or other payments. 



Fandomania is a family-oriented event. As such, proper attire, ultimately approved by staff, is required. We ask that you use common sense when defining the appropriateness of a costume for a family event. The Prescott Valley Public Library reserves the right to deny entry to members who do not comply with the Costume and Prop Policy. 

  • If you are wearing a large costume or prop, please be aware of other attendees, especially young children.
  • Please note that the use of confetti or glitter is not permitted at the event. It makes a tremendous mess for staffers to clean up.
  • Do not swing weapons and be mindful of them when moving about the event or posing for photos.
  • Loud noise-making props should be minimized to avoid disruption to the event and attendees.
  • We ask that you behave respectfully to all attendees and vendors.
  • Misuse of any prop will result in the item being deemed unsafe and removed from the event.
  • All props brought into Fandomania must comply with all federal, state, and local laws.
  • Wooden props such as staffs or wooden swords are permitted.
  • Any prop constructed of live steel (sharp-edged) is not permitted, including swords, knives, axes, and other weapons. If an item is constructed of metal without an edge, it must be approved by staff before admittance into the event.
  • No sort of live martial arts weapon is permitted into the event. No firearms and/or projectile weapons of any kind are permitted. This includes but is not limited to airsoft guns, BB guns, real firearms, or working replicas. 
  • The exception is as follows: 
    • Toy plastic guns with non-removable orange tips and no moving parts are permitted.