Oct 12, 2023: PV Council Discusses Conservation-based Water/Wastewater Rates

News Release Graphic over picture of hand holding glass filling with fresh waterTown Council on Thursday evening discussed two possible scenarios for a proposed water/wastewater rate increase, landing on the more conservation-minded approach, which would require heavy water users to pay higher fees. This scenario sets more stringent rates for higher users and lowers the tier structure for the most common residential meters. Currently, average residential usage in Prescott Valley is 5,000 gallons per month. The conservation scenario would increase water rates for usage above 5,000 gallons and again at above 15,000 gallons.

At the same time, the Council is considering a Stormwater Fee that would help to mitigate flooding in the community, maintain drainage infrastructure and enhance stormwater recharge. 

This fee will better enable the Town to maintain the stormwater system, obtain the proper equipment for the maintenance of this system and move forward with stormwater projects that will help to resolve some of the Town’s flooding issues.  The fee will also assist in recharge projects to help replenish the Towns’ aquifer based upon a new Master Drainage Plan the Town is conducting, which will benefit all residents.

Town Council on September 28 adopted a “Notice of Intent” to increase rates and hold a public hearing on the proposed increases on December 14. If the Council adopts the rate plan and stormwater fee after the public hearing, it will go into effect 30 days after adoption.  No later than 30 days prior to the hearing date, staff will file for public review a "Report of Proposal to Adopt and/or Revise Certain Utility Rates, Fees and Charges” in the Office of the Town Clerk and Town Manager (and on the Town website). 

For more information on the proposed rate increase, please visit https://www.prescottvalley-az.gov/1338/Utilities or call the Prescott Valley Utilities Department at 928-759-3070