Oct 18, 2023: Contractors Find Mold in PV Library Auditorium

exterior picture of PVPL contsructionDuring the remodel of the auditorium in the Prescott Valley Public Library, the contractor on October 16 found what appears to be black mold behind the sheet rock along the cone area.  The metal cone runs from the council chambers to the roof area. The auditorium was immediately sealed off to all Town staff and the public.  This room is on its own HVAC system which was also immediately shut down to ensure no mold gets into the building’s ventilation system.  

The contractor will next bring in a vendor to have the mold tested.  If it is determined to be black mold, a remediation vendor will be brought in to remove and treat the area in a safe manner overnight during the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. 

The metal cone of the Library also runs through the Crystal Room, which also has been closed to all Town staff and the public.  This area is also on a separate HVAC system.  At this time there has been no mold identified or exposed within the Crystal Room.  The Town is taking every precaution and operating on the side of extreme safety by shutting down this area. 

Once the remediation has been completed in the council chambers and if necessary, the Crystal Room, the Town will have all locations within the library air tested for mold to ensure there are no other locations within the building that contain mold. 

The welfare and safety of Town Employees and the Public are of the utmost importance to the Town.  We thank you for your patience as the library continues to undergo construction improvements. 

For more information, please call Public Works at 928-759-3070.