Nov 9, 2023: Town and YMCA Reach Agreement on Future Facility

conceptual rendering of new YMCAThe Town of Prescott Valley and the YMCA have reached an agreement on the initial phase for a YMCA in Prescott Valley. The facility will be located just south of Bob Edwards Park on five acres of land donated by the Fain Family.

Similar to how the Prescott YMCA has been constructed, this would be a phased approach.  The initial first phase of approximately 45,000 square feet will include a gym, fitness center, walking track, programming space, childcare facility, and a larger splash pad. Future phases may include a full-sized indoor swimming pool, expanded childcare, and additional programming space. The PV Community Services Department will also work with the YMCA on future programming.

Under the agreement, the Town will own the facility and contract with the YMCA to operate it for a 20-year term, with possible 20-year extensions. To pay for the facility, the Town would bond for $22 million with an additional $3 million contribution from the YMCA and $4 million in existing Town resources from a prior federal grant. The Town will also extend a new roadway from Viewpoint Drive connecting to Main Street in front of the Parke Place apartments.

The Town will hire an external project manager to oversee the design and construction of the new facility. Groundbreaking will be announced at a later date.

Conceptual Renderings

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