Dec 11, 2023: Town Receives Transportation Funding for Lasso Loop Project

Lasso Loop Proposed map Opens in new windowThe Town of Prescott Valley received notification recently that the Arizona State Transportation Board has approved $379,000 in grant funding for the Prescott Valley Shared Use Path Network, which the Town will designate for the proposed Lasso Loop 24-mile loop path/trail system.

The money was awarded from the State’s Five-Year Transportation Construction Facilities Program. The Town’s matching portion of the grant will be 5.7 percent, or $22,000.

Shared-use trail projects across the country have become more popular and provide multiple benefits such as greater community connectivity, enhancement of resident health and wellness, a boost in local economic activity, and improved environmental and conservation practices.

Prescott Valley’s concept, currently in its planning stages, would integrate paved shared-use paths, soft surface trails, bike lanes, waterway corridors, and horseback trails. The loop also would celebrate the Town’s history, culture, traditions, and natural features through public art that complements landmarks and water ways. The plan would incorporate best practices of livable, sustainable communities and would be designed to connect existing amenities such as parks and other recreation areas. 

The Town will invite input and coordination with many local interests, including private sector partners. The community will help create the concept and help to attract the resources needed for its completion, including public and private resources such as grants, private partnerships and more.

See the Town website at for more Parks and Trails information.