Dec 14, 2023: Town Unveils Vision 2024 Strategic Plan

Vision 2024 Logo The Prescott Valley Town Council unveiled its new strategic plan goals during the December 14 Study Session. The plan document, entitled Vision 2024, has updated the Town’s mission statement, focus areas, and objectives from its first Strategic Plan goals developed in 2021.

On October 26, 2023, the Council and department leadership participated in a facilitated process to identify plan areas to update in accordance with current priorities. The resulting draft document was then reviewed by staff to ensure the objectives were quantifiable and measurable. Each objective in the new plan will have an assigned staff lead and co-lead to ensure accountability and accomplishment. 

The new strategic goals include:

  • High Performing Team - to provide exceptional community service to the public through employee engagement, professional development, and communications; 
  • Water and Land Stewardship – to implement best practices and innovation in water recharge, stormwater management, reducing water overdraft, and land conservation; 
  • Quality of Life – through capital improvements, pathway and trail connectivity, citizen satisfaction, attainable housing and public safety; 
  • Prosperous Community – includes industry diversification, business attraction and expansion, and financial sustainability.  

The Town’s new mission statement is: Deliver Exceptional Service to Enhance our Quality of Life.