Jan 5, 2024: Prescott Valley Public Works to Host Stormwater Program & Fee Open House

Stormwater Open House info over picture of storm clouds rolling inCommunity members are invited to hear a presentation from Town staff about the stormwater program, the implementation of the new stormwater fee, ask questions, and share input during an open house on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, from 4:00-5:30PM at the Prescott Valley Police Department Training Room at 7601 E Skoog Blvd.

The stormwater program is designed to provide resources and regulations to help control the amount of contamination that stormwater can collect as it travels through storm drains and soaks into the ground.

The Town Council approved a stormwater fee of $3 per residence to help mitigate flooding in the community, maintain drainage infrastructure, and enhance stormwater recharge. This fee will better enable the Town to maintain the stormwater system, obtain the proper equipment for the maintenance of this system and move forward with stormwater projects that will help to resolve some of the Town’s flooding issues. The fee will also assist in implementing recharge projects to help replenish the Town’s aquifer based upon the Phase II update to the Master Drainage Plan that is currently underway. The stormwater fee will go into effect in February 2024.

For more information, please visit the Utilities website at https://www.prescottvalley-az.gov/178/Stormwater-Management-Program or call Arriana Odom, Stormwater Coordinator, at 928-759-5517