Jan 9, 2024: Fire Hydrant Installation Project

picture of Fire Hydrant Starting this week, the Prescott Valley Utilities Department will install approximately ten new fire hydrants in the Prescott Valley Unit 20 subdivision. Work will be conducted in the Town right-of-way which should be of minimal impact to the neighborhood. Water service will remain on and unaffected throughout the project. Work is scheduled to begin this week and end in May 2024.

Click here to view a map of fire hydrant installation locations.

During the construction period, there may be increased noise levels, roadway blockage, site and soil disturbance, and other disruptions. We are working with the contractor to reduce these as much as possible and restore the area to pre-construction conditions. 

We appreciate your support and patience during this time, as we work toward improving your area and community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Prescott Valley Utilities Department at (928) 759-3070. If you experience any issues related to water pressure or supply during construction, please call our operations contractor, JACOBS at (928)759-9062.