Affordable Housing

The Town of Prescott Valley was required by state law to update the General Plan based on new legislation known as growing smarter. This act required that cities and towns adopt an update general plan, which includes adding elements not previously required by state law.

The Prescott Valley General Plan

The Prescott Valley General Plan 2025 can best be described as the communities' blueprint for future development. It represents the communities' vision for the future; it is a constitution comprised of goals and policies used by the Communities Planning Commission and Town Council to make land use and development-related decisions. The general plan and the goals, policies and diagrams within the plan have a long-term outlook, identifying the types of development patterns allowed and the spatial relationships of land uses. The Prescott Valley General Plan 2025 was adopted by the Town Council on August 9, 2012 and ratified by the voting public on March 12, 2013.

The General Plan Land Use Goal #A7 states that the town shall provide for a fully balanced residential mix, which includes a wide range of housing by location, type of unit, price, to accommodate various income levels, family size, age and physical restraints, and addresses both owner and rental households. Future goals in the plan include:

  1. Zoning sufficient buildable land for residential development to accommodate Prescott Valley's share of regional household growth
  2. Enforcing fair housing laws prohibiting arbitrary discrimination in the sale or rental of housing with regard to race, color, religion, natural origin, sex, familial status, and handicap
  3. Locating affordable housing close to employment centers, including housing for seasonal workers

Affordable Housing Strategy

As a result, the development of this Affordable Housing Strategy (PDF) is paramount to enabling the town to meet on of many goals set forth in the General Plan 2025.