The Finance Division, when fully staffed, has 20 employees and they are primarily located on the 4th floor of the Civic Center, with a Customer Accounts cashier station located on the 2nd floor for the convenience of our customers, and the Mail/Copy Center on the 1st floor.

The administrative staff consists of the Finance Director, who oversees the overall management of the department, the Finance Manager, Accountants and an Administrative Supervisor, who assist the Director. The development and publication of the annual budget for the Town is completed by this staff.

The Finance Administration Division annually compiles a Development Fees Report as required by Arizona state law. This report is completed every year in September for the prior fiscal year. The current report is on file at the Town Clerk's office for viewing and it can also be viewed:

There are three divisions within the Finance Department, consisting of:

  • Customer Accounts
  • Finance Administration
  • Mailroom / Copy Center

Customer Accounts

The Customer Accounts Division handles water and/or sewer utility billing and customer service for almost 22,000 customers is this division's responsibility.

Finance Administration

The Finance Administration Division handles accounting, purchasing, special assessments, financial reporting including the preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, trend analysis, sales tax audits, payroll, cost/benefit analysis, grant reporting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

Mailroom/Copy Center

The Mailroom/Copy Center Division handles all the mail distribution and major copy/binding projects for the Town of Prescott Valley.