Public Works

Public Works Department is comprised of the following Divisions

The responsibilities of the department include protecting the physical and environmental health of the residents; maintaining existing Town facilities; providing a safe environment in which to conduct official business; maintaining existing storm drainage systems; and enhancing the smooth flow of vehicular traffic.

Administrative Division here to support the entire Public Works team on a daily basis.  Some examples of their support are:  

  • Budget Preparation
  • Tracking Contracts
  • IGA Reimbursements
  • Staff Reports for Council
  • Purchase Order Requisition and Tracking
  • Invoice Processing
  • Payroll Processing

The Engineering Division is responsible for the general engineering requirements of the Town. The division implements all plans and programs relating to city infrastructure including stormwater systems, structures, roadways, sidewalks, bike trails and other improvements. The division also coordinates traffic engineering and grant estimation as well as plat books and easements.

Team members provide technical engineering services in design, inspection, contract administration, plan review, complaint investigation, stormwater management, and offer advice to residents in the areas of general grading, drainage, and construction. The division also provides technical support to all Town departments on any infrastructure-related areas.

Facilities Maintenance Division is responsible for general maintenance and renovations of all buildings owned or leased by the Town of Prescott Valley. The Facilities Maintenance Division ensures that through effective building maintenance programs and long-range planning, Town buildings are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Clean
  • Code Compliant
  • Efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reliable
  • Safe

Fleet Services Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 300 vehicles and equipment. This includes equipment used by all Town Departments. The following are the services provided by the Fleet Services Division.

  • Maintenance and Repair for auto, light trucks, heavy trucks, and off-road equipment. 
  • Fuel Management
  • Acquisition and Disposition of Town vehicles, cradle to grave life cycle.
  • Motor Pool 
  • Vehicle Upfitting – Installation of emergency lighting and auxiliary equipment on Town vehicles ensuring vehicles meet the safety and operational needs of Town departments.
  • Overseeing the Enterprise Vehicle Lease program.

The YavaLine Regional Transit System (“YAV” for short) is the Central Yavapai’s first-ever transit service started by the Town of Prescott Valley Public Works Department. The YAV plans, develops, and operates the regional transit system for commuters, seniors, and people with disabilities. Currently, per the Phased Transit Plan, the YAV provides microtransit services to people within the transit zone of Prescott Valley. The Town is providing its public transit service via the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) transit grant for its 3-year initial service demonstration. We connect the community and enhance its quality of life.

Streets and Stormwater Division provides the citizens of Prescott Valley with a safe transportation and functional stormwater system within the Town. This Division maintains 260 miles of roadway and a large stormdrain system for the Town of Prescott Valley. 

The Streets program maintains the current infrastructure, they continue to meet the current needs of expansion of the transportation system.  Street program maintenance items include the following:

  • Sidewalk Replacement
  • Signs and Markings
  • Snow and Ice Operations
  • Streetlights
  • Street Repair
  • Street Sweeping
  • Mowing of Right of Way and Town Lots
  • Right of Way Permits

The Stormwater Management program maintains the current drainage infrastructure, they continue to meet the current needs of expansion of the stormwater system. Stormwater program maintenance items include the following:

  • Roadside Drainage Channels
  • Underground Stormwater System Maintenance
  • Culvert Cleaning
  • Culvert Replacement
  • Culvert Applications
  • Compliance with ADEQ’s MS4 Permit Requirements

For drainage issues that require immediate attention (i.e. flooding or debris build up after a storm) please submit a service request through the OurPV portal.

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