Related Ordinances

Section 8-02-050 states that in the event no license is issued the initial fee shall not be returned to the applicant. Once a license is issued or renewed there shall be no refunds or adjustments. All business licenses are good for 1 year after issuance and renewable for $45 (plus $5 per location for commercial rental licenses). Business licenses with state liquor licenses renew at fee schedule according to series number.

Per Section 8-020-100 business licenses are non-transferable. If the person, firm, company or corporation changes ownership, location or type of business from its present business license in the Town of Prescott Valley, the business license shall expire immediately and a new business license shall be applied for in accordance with this article. Licenses that are not renewed 45 days after expiration shall be permanently terminated. If the applicant wishes to continue to transact business a new license must be obtained.

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