Review Process

Review Process Timeline

Administrative Review: 5 Business Days

Upon acceptance of business license application the Town Clerk's office will review the application packet for completeness and the collect the license fees. The Town Clerk will complete the administrative review with 5 business days of receipt of a complete application packet.

Substantive Review: 20 Business Days

Businesses located within the town limits are subject to a substantive review. The application packet will be forwarded to Development Services Department where Zoning and Building officials will review and complete a physical inspection of the commercial property within 20 business days. Home-based business applications will be reviewed by Zoning within 20 business days. When the substantive review is complete, the application will be returned to the Town Clerk for final review.

Final Review: 5 Business Days

The Town Clerk will give final approval to issue a business license within 5 business days after the substantive review is complete. A confirmation from the Arizona Department of Revenue of a transaction privilege tax (TPT) number application is required to grant final approval for businesses that are required to collect and pay TPT sales tax. In the event the business license is denied, applicants have the right to appeal before the Board of Appeals per Town Code Chapter 7.