Overview & Projects

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) are infrastructure improvements built for public use and include parks and playgrounds, public buildings (Civic Center, Library, Police Department, etc.), roadways, sidewalks, trails, street lights and traffic lights, as well as water, sanitary sewer, water reuse, and storm drainage pipes and facilities (wells, tanks, pump stations, Wastewater Treatment Facility, recharge facilities, etc.).

More specifically, a CIP results in a capitalized asset that costs more than $50,000 and has a useful life of at least 2 years.

Some improvements are built by developers and then given to the Town for operations, maintenance and public use. Other improvements (CIP) are built by the Town directly.

Each CIP has a project manger that handles the project from planning, through design, through construction, and to the end of the warranty period. Then long-term operations and maintenance of the improvements begins.

Project Prioritization

CIPs are prioritized based on overall consistency with the Town's goals, objectives and criteria, such as community capacity increase needs (based on measurements, calculations and models), regulatory and environmental mandates, economic development, improved efficiency (operations and maintenance), financing sources (grants, etc.), safety improvements, and for other commitments.