Overview & Projects

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) are infrastructure improvements built for public use and include parks and playgrounds, public buildings (Civic Center, Library, Police Department, etc.), roadways, sidewalks, trails, street lights and traffic lights, as well as water, sanitary sewer, water reuse, and storm drainage pipes and facilities (wells, tanks, pump stations, Wastewater Treatment Facility, recharge facilities, etc.).

More specifically, a CIP results in a capitalized asset that costs more than $25,000 and has a useful life of at least 2 years.

Some improvements are built by developers and then given to the Town for operations, maintenance and public use. Other improvements (CIP) are built by the Town directly.

Each CIP has a project manger that handles the project from planning, through design, through construction, and to the end of the warranty period. Then long-term operations and maintenance of the improvements begins.

Project Prioritization

CIPs are prioritized based on overall consistency with the Town's goals, objectives and criteria, such as community capacity increase needs (based on measurements, calculations and models), regulatory and environmental mandates, economic development, improved efficiency (operations and maintenance), financing sources (grants, etc.), safety improvements, and for other commitments.

Capital Improvement Projects for Fiscal Year 2015/2016

Public Works Department (Streets & Facilities & Stormwater)

  • $3,300,000 Viewpoint Drive and Spouse Drive Intersection Improvements (sales tax) - under Design
  • $2,000,000 Lakeshore Drive Improvement, between Lake Valley Road and Glassford Hill Road (sales tax) - under Warranty
  • $1,500,000 Glassford Hill Road and Long Look Drive Intersection Improvements (Development Impact Fees) - under Design
  • $500,000 Viewpoint Drive Floodplain Channelization Study (Yavapai County Grant) - under Warranty
  • $408,750 Windsong Drive Pedestrian Improvements (Community Development Block Grant -CDBG plus 1/3rd cent sales tax) - under Warranty
  • $25,000 Navajo Drive Improvements (1/3rd cent sales tax) - on hold
  • $50,000 P.V. Pipeline Multi-Use Path; 5% grant match (Highway User Revenue Fund - HURF) - by Arizona Department of Trasportation (ADOT)
  • $25,000 Central Core Multi-Use Path; 5% grant match (HURF) - by ADOT

Utilities Department (All in Enterprise Fund)

  • $200,000 Water: Crossroads Waterline - under Warranty
  • $150,000 Water: Well Rehabilitation
  • $125,000 Water: Tank Rehabilitation
  • $100,000 Water: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Control System Upgrades - under Warranty
  • $100,000 Water: Chlorine Containment
  • $75,000 Water: Small Water Program - Park View Water Connection - Project Canceled
  • $70,000 Water: Waterline Replacement at Viewpoint Drive / Spouse Drive Intersection - under Design
  • $60,000 Water: 7th Street Waterline - under Warranty
  • $50,000 Water: Pressure Reducing Valves Upgrades - under Construction
  • $25,000 Water: Long Mesa Facility Yard Paving
  • $200,000 Wastewater: Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Equipment Storage Building - under Warranty
  • $100,000 Wastewater: WWTP Control System Modifications at Admin Building
  • $75,000 Wastewater: Small Sewer Program
  • $65,000 Wastewater: Manhole Rehab at WWTP Front Gate - on hold
  • $25,000 Wastewater: High School Sewer Line Upsizing - under Warranty
  • $20,000 Wastewater: Lift Station Rehab
  • $1,600,000 Wastewater Capacity: Roundup Drive Gravity Main - under Design
  • $20,000 Wastewater Capacity: Relocate Culvert at WWTP Entrance - Complete
  • $15,000 Reclaimed Water: Pump House Climate Control System
  • $217,502 Water Recharge/Resource: Comprehensive Agreement 1
  • $30,000 Water Recharge/Resource: Big Chino Project
  • $250,000 Water Resource: Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition (UVRWPC) Potential Site Improvements

Parks & Recreation Department

  • $750,000 Bob Edwards Park (DIF) - Design being refreshed in preparation for Construction
  • $17,000 Urban Lakes Walking Path (General Fund)
  • $15,000 Resurface Outdoor Courts Program (General Fund)
  • $25,000 Antelope Playground Equipment (Northcentral University Donation Fund) - Complete
  • $50,000 Summer Movie Equipment/Screen for Theater on the Green (NCU Donation Fund) - getting Quotes

Community Development Department

  • $1,500,000 ACCELA Regional Website (Grant)

Police Department

  • $8,400 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Unit Replacement (General Fund)

Projects Across Multiple Departments

  • $187,500 Glassford Hill Trail / Stoneridge Multi-Use Path / Utility Access Right-of-Way Acquisition (General Fund and HURF and Enterprise Fund) - Complete


  • $550,000 Potential Site Improvements (CDBG)
  • $300,000 Potential Site Improvements (CDBG)
  • $500,000 Potential Site Improvements (Grant - To Be Determined)
  • $360,000 Unisource Relocations Reimbursement, per Franchise Agreement (Unisource Relocation Fund) - complete