Billing Policies & Procedures


Your first bill may be received anywhere from four to six weeks from the start of service. Your meter will be read on approximately a 30-day cycle, and you will receive your bill within 7 days after the date of meter reading. Payment must be received 20 days from the billing date.

If you believe Prescott Valley Water has made an error in your bill, or if you question your obligation to pay the bill, you may contact the Customer Accounts Division at 928-759-3020 within 15 days of the billing date.

Water meters are read monthly, and the meter reading is in 1,000 gallons.


  • 245,150 is read as 245
  • 245,950 is read as 245

Estimated Bills

Nothing precludes Prescott Valley Water from charging estimated monthly service rates to customers in circumstances where meters cannot be read for a given month. Resulting over or under charges shall be accounted for in a subsequent month when the meter can be read.


If you receive a bill with a high reading and you have verified that the meter reading is correct, but your water consumption rate has not changed significantly during the billing period, you may want to check for a leak in your system. Leaks on the Prescott Valley Water side of the water meter do not register on the meter. Leaks on the customer side of the meter are the responsibility of the customer to fix and should be repaired promptly to prevent water loss and high water bills. Leaks are not uncommon, and the following things can be checked:

  • Cracks in the underground pipes
  • Drips from faucets
  • Toilet valves
  • Wet spots outside


Payments may be made in the following manner:

  • Mail to:
    Town of Prescott Valley
    P.O. Box 5165
    Harlan IA  51593-0665
  • Paid at the Civic Center (Town Hall) cashier window during business hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday except legal holidays.
  • Dropped in the drop box in the parking lot of the Civic Center at 7501 East Skoog Boulevard for posting the next business day.
  • Automatic payment deductions from your financial institution.

Utility Account Delinquency / Turn-off Notices

Accounts become delinquent on the 28th day after the billing date. An active account processing charge of $5 per utility service, (i.e. water and/or sewer), will be added to the account. A Delinquent Notice will be placed in the U.S. Mail on or about the 30th day after the billing date. Utility service will be subject to turn-off on the 41st day after the billing date. No additional notice shall be given prior to utility service turn-off. If it becomes necessary to disconnect an account, all utility rates, fees, charges, penalties and taxes must be paid in full prior to reinstatement. This includes full replenishment of deposits, a reconnection charge, and any unauthorized tampering penalty. All payments at reinstatement must be made in cash, cashiers check or money order.

Questions Regarding Readings

Jacobs has been contracted by Prescott Valley Water System to read meters, install new meters and maintain the water lines. If you have questions regarding your reading, or need to report a non-customer leak, contact the Customer Accounts Division at 928-759-3020.