Sewer (Wastewater) Service

Jacobs provides sewer service for the entire town. The Town handles requests for sewer service, customer inquiries and provides computer processing of payments through their Customer Accounts division.

How Rates Are Calculated

The residential sewer rate is a monthly rate that consists of 2 costs:
  1. A base rate (fixed charge) based on the customer's meter size (most residences have a 5/8 inch meter).
  2. A volume charge based on 90% of average water use during the previous months of November through March, when outdoor irrigation is at a minimum. This charge will be recalculated annually (the volume charge is $4.54 per 1,000 gallons for a 5/8 inch meter). If actual usage is ever below the average during a billing period, then the lower actual usage is billed. 
Example: Prescott Valley Water System Customer
  • Base Rate: $5.07
  • Volume Charge ($4.54 per 1,000 gallons based on 5,400 gallons actual usage): $24.52
  • Total: $29.59