Art at the Center

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The Town of Prescott Valley is committed to contributing to the intellectual, emotional, and creative life of Prescott Valley residents by creating engaging art experiences and dynamic public spaces for Town residents and visitors. Arts & Culture Coordinators and Town Commissioners review and advise the Town Council on selection, placement, and care of public art at the Prescott Valley Civic Center and throughout our community.

Adios Columbus Sculpture

The Art at the Center Program promotes the highest caliber of artwork, commissioning memorable public artworks and experiences that stimulate discussion and thoughtful reflection. The collection celebrates the Town's history and character while enhancing civic pride and a sense of place.  This collection is comprised of over 40 outdoor sculptures in both permanent and temporary collections.

QR Code Example


The Art at the Center collection now has QR codes available at each sculpture. Use your smart phone or device camera to scan the code and read or listen to details about each artwork in the collection and artist behind it. Click the image below to download a PDF map of the full collection.

Art at the Center Map

Jenkins Family Trust

The Town of Prescott Valley received a generous donation from the Jenkins Family, who has funded multiple projects for the arts in our community. During the second half of 2021, the Town of Prescott Valley witnessed two monumental bronze sculptures installed at opposite corners of the Prescott Valley Civic Center. The Jenkins Obelisk, dedicated on August 28, 2021, was created by Ed Reily and his team at the Bronzesmith Fine Art Foundry and Gallery and is located on the corner in front of the library on E Skoog Blvd and Lakeshore Dr. Sharing the Land, located in front of the police station on E Skoog Blvd and Lakeshore Dr., was created by sculptor Tom White of Tom White Studio. We are pleased to have these sculptures as the newest additions to the Town of Prescott Valley's Art at the Center collection.