Vendor Information

The following information will assist vendors who are interested in doing business with the Town of Prescott Valley. Additional information may be obtained by calling the town's buyer at 928-759-3128 or by visiting the buyer at the Civic Center.

Office Hours

The buyer is available from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday, except on town-observed holidays. The buyer is located on the 4th floor of the Civic Center, and can be requested at the utilities counter. Office visits by sales representatives are welcomed by appointment.

Purchasing Policies

Purchasing policies are based on the following principals:

  • All procurements will be in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws and town policies.
  • All purchases shall obtain the quantity and quality of goods and services from the right source at a competitive price, at the right time and place, when they are needed.
  • Competition shall be maximized to provide interested and qualified individuals or firms the opportunity to offer their products or services to the town.
  • All vendors shall be dealt with in a fair, courteous and honest manner.

Vendor Certification

The Town of Prescott Valley maintains a certification list of all vendors who wish to do business with the town. The certification form contains basic business information: name of the business, type of business, mailing address, telephone number, contact individual, and federal employee identification or Social Security number. All vendors must have on file with the Town of Prescott Valley a current vendor certification form and W-9.

Please note: The certification list is not a bid list.


All purchases are normally made FOB (Free on Board) destination. Unless otherwise specifically stated, the town's title to goods occurs upon satisfactory delivery at the delivery point shown on the purchase order.

All shipments to the town must be made to the location designated on the purchase order. Deliveries may be required to be made to different departments located in various parts of the town. The purchase order number must appear on all shipping documents. Failure to meet specified delivery schedules may result in cancellation of an order.


Invoices shall be prepared and submitted for all products and services purchased by the town. The town requests 2 copies of each invoice be submitted. Invoices should contain the following information:

  1. Applicable sales/use tax
  2. Description of materials or services provided
  3. Extended totals
  4. Item number
  5. Purchase order number
  6. Quantities
  7. Unit price

Purchases of goods and services are normally paid by the town within 30 days of delivery and/or completion of the service, provided the vendor's products and/or work was found satisfactory and the invoice is found to be correct. Unacceptable products or services, or incorrect invoices will delay vendor payments until such time as problem areas are corrected and accepted by the town.

Vendor payments are made in the form of a paper check or a direct deposit to the vendor's bank.

Bid & Proposal Process

The Town utilizes 2 online bid and proposal database and notification services, DemandStar by Onvia and Public Purchase, for bidder and proponent registration and notification. Persons or firms wishing to receive notification of Town bid and proposal opportunities may register at no charge by creating online accounts at the links shown below. A single-agency registration will allow you to receive fax and/or email bid notification for bids advertised by the Town of Prescott Valley. Additional services are available from both companies on a for-fee basis.

Current Bids / Proposals

Either of the following links will connect suppliers to the current open bids and proposal requests that the Town has on DemandStar or Public Purchase.

The Vendor Packet (PDF) includes W-9, Vendor Certification, Business License and Direct Deposit forms.

Completed forms may be sent by fax to 928-759-3110, or mailed to:
Buyer, Finance Dept.
7501 E Skoog Boulevard
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314