Authority to Arrest Trespassers

The Prescott Valley Police Department is stressing the enforcement of private property trespassing violations. When the owner, manager, or agent of a private property completes an “Authority to Arrest Trespassers” form and files it with the police department, police officers may arrest any trespassers on the property when the owner, manager, or agent is not present.

Trespassers include those who are not on the premises to visit or conduct lawful business with the management or a resident of the premises. A person commits Criminal Trespass by knowingly: 1) entering or remaining unlawfully on any real property after a reasonable request to leave the property by the owner or any person having lawful control over such property, or 2) are on the premises after a reasonable notice prohibiting entry. This authority applies 24 hours a day.

Owners, managers, or others responsible for the property may file an “Authority to Arrest Trespassers” form with the Prescott Valley Police Department by going to the Police Department Website under Community Trespass Information.

Properties recently posted with this notification are 7550 State Route 69 (the old K-Mart building and parking lot) and 7450 State Route 69 (the old Albertsons/Haggen building and parking lot). These notifications have been signed by the property management companies of the respective properties and are immediately enforceable.

Enforcing trespassing violations is another way of keeping our community safe. If it’s not your property and you have no lawful business on the property, it’s in your best interest to stay off the property.

Please note this program is for commercial property only. View the Authority to Arrest Trespassers form (PDF). For more information call Jerry Ferguson at 928-772-5114 or email Jerry Ferguson.