Become an Instructor

Contracted Instructors

Do you have a skill or interest to share? Our Instructors conduct a variety of classes and workshops in our parks and facilities. From dance to art and martial arts to fitness, our talented Instructors enhance the quality and variety of programs we offer to the community.

The ideal instructors combine an interest in serving the community with a desire to supplement their existing income. We are very interested in developing long-term relationships with successful instructors. Our instructors are:

  • Independent contractors and are not employed by the Town of Prescott Valley
  • Under contract and paid a percentage of their program's gross revenue
  • Background checked by the Town of Prescott Valley prior to teaching any classes
  • Expected and encouraged to set the class tone and help develop the curriculum
  • Certified or able to obtain certifications for the classes they wish to teach

The Town of Prescott Valley provides the facilities, registration program, and marketing of the classes and programs through our social media, quarterly Recreation Guide, and monthly Town News.


To become an instructor, an individual must possess strong teaching skills, be positive, organized and dependable, have good communication skills; be prompt and reliable; and demonstrate a desire to develop and promote the program. We are interested in classes and workshops that are unique or fill a specific community need. Selections are made based on the instructor's qualifications and experience, date and time availability, preferred location, need for the program, and marketability of the program.

Submit an Interest Form

Submit your proposals online! If you're interested in becoming an instructor or learning more about the process, we strong encourage you to complete an Instructor Interest Form. PLEASE NOTE: When filling out the Instructor Interest Form DO NOT click the submit button at the bottom of the form. Instead, we ask that you please either drop-off or mail in the form to the Community Service Department on the 3rd floor of the Prescott Valley Civic Center (7501 E Skoog Blvd, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314) or email the filled out form to the Community Services Department.

Community Services staff members usually work one to two seasons ahead of the current season. If our coordinating staff determines your proposal can be a viable class, they will notify you.

For more information contact the Community Services Department at (928) 759-3090 or email the Community Services Department.