Nuisance Animal / Barking Dog

Often times when there is a problem in your neighborhood with nuisance dogs, it is helpful to talk to or leave a note for the animal owner. Keep in mind that your neighbor may not even be aware that there is a problem. Although this may be difficult to do at first, communicating with the animal owner is usually the most effective way to resolve the problem and maintain a friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

Howling DogThe following are some suggested methods for speaking to your neighbor about an animal problem:

  1. Try to do this when you are not frustrated about the barking problem.
  2. When you approach your neighbor, be calm and courteous and plan to discuss the barking problem in a friendly manner. This will usually make a big difference.
  3. Have the attitude that you want to make your neighbor aware of the problem.
  4. Let them know the time of day or night that the problem is occurring.
  5. If possible, agree that you will contact them right away if the problem continues.

In an effort to better serve the Prescott Valley community with Animal Control issues, the Animal Control Unit has the following resources.

Nuisance Animal Hotline 928-772-5154

The hotline provides citizens with a 24/7 messaging system to report nuisance animal problems or non-emergency animal control concerns during Animal Control Officer (ACO) off-duty hours. 

Barking Dog Notification Form

The online Barking Dog Notification form provided the citizens a convenient way to notify Animal Control of a barking dog issue in Prescott Valley. 

Our ACO's regularly check the hotline and the online notification when they return to work and respond to any messages left during their off hours.