What other amenities are being considered?

The Parks and Recreation Department completed a master plan in 2020, consisting of multiple public meetings to garner resident input. Four of the eight “High” priorities recommended in the study discuss trail/adventure areas, including:

  1. Walking & Hiking Trails (Natural Surface) 
  2. Walking & Biking Trails (Multi-Use Paved)
  3. Adventure Area (Ropes Course, Zip Line, etc.) 
  4. Open Space Conservation Areas/Trails. 

Other amenities could include a bicycle pump track, dog park, amphitheater, picnic sites, community garden, playground, disc golf course, sand volleyball courts, archery range, or other outdoor amenities. This is where additional public input will be critical in designing a park that will provide multi-generational recreational opportunities.  A copy of the Parks Master Plan can be viewed here.

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1. Why is the Town doing this?
2. What is this I've heard about a "gondola" system or mountain bike lift?
3. What other amenities are being considered?
4. What is the timeline for this project?
5. Will future trails mimic the existing trail going to the top of Glassford Hill?