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Report a Traffic Incident or Issue

  1. If reckless driving or racing is occurring now - call 911.  

    Injury accidents should be reported by calling 911. 
    Do not use this form to report any traffic accident with injuries.

    If you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call 911 or your local police.  

  2. Traffic Incident/ Issue Details
  3. Speeding and Want Extra Enforcement*
  4. Hit & Run on Private Property*
  5. Traffic Accident WITHOUT injuries on Public Property*
  6. Traffic Accident on Private Property WITHOUT injuries, or a Hit & Run, or a suspected DUI*

    ***If "Yes," Prescott Valley Police Department has no jurisdiction. Do not submit this form.****

  7. A traffic accident with injuries should be reported by calling 911. Do not submit this form.

    You will be contacted on the next working day. The online report you make is not an official report. The Crime Prevention Officer will discuss your case with you. If it is determined that a crime was committed in the jurisdiction of Prescott Valley Police, you will be provided with a report number.

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